Sauceclip Mobile Editing App

Sauceclip App Download

With the Sauceclip app, you can easily AI-extract VOD contents from your Saucelive on your mobile, or edit it as you want.

  • For iOS, search for Saucelip in the App Store and download it.
  • For AOS (Android), search for Sauceclip in the Google Play Store and download.


  • After installing the Sauceclip app, you will need to allow access to photos and videos on your mobile on the first launch. To use the app smoothly, please select Allow Full Access.
  • The login account for the Sauceclip app is the same as your account in Saucelive Admin.

Once you're logged into the Sauceclip app, you'll have access to AI clip extraction and clip creation.


  • The file format for videos that can be AI-clipped and source-clipped is mp4.
  • In the case of videos automatically converted to VOD after live, only AI clips and sauce clips can be extracted and created after December 1, 2023.

Extracting AI Clips

Log in to the Sauceclip app and select Extract AI clips.

You can automatically extract commerce-optimized scenes and use it immediately, or you can edit it as a sauce clip.

AI Clip Extraction List

  • AI Clip Extraction loads the VOD list of Saucelive based on the ID of the logged-in account, and you can select each file and proceed with AI Clip Extraction.
  • If there is no AI clip extraction target, a blank screen is displayed.

β‘  Selection: Select an image to use the AI clip extraction function. Only one image at a time can be selected for AI clip extraction.

β‘‘ Playtime: Displays the playtime of the video.

β‘’ Cloud icon : The icon that appears in the VOD or AI clip extraction on the server.

β‘£ Extract AI Clip: Click this button to start extracting AI clips. Select the target file and click it.


Depending on server usage, the time it takes to extract AI clips may vary.

Create a Sauceclip

Once you've done an AI clip extraction, or have a VOD in your Saucelive admin, you can edit it on mobile via the Sauceclip app.

β‘  All: This is the list item where you can view all AI clips and VOD (uploaded and replayed VOD provided by Saucelive) video files.

β‘‘ AI Clips: Video files that are in the process of AI clip extraction and items that have already been extracted. The number on the tab is the number of newly extracted clips.

β‘’ Replay: VOD items in the SourceLive admin of the logged-in ID account.

β‘£ Select: Select the video file you want to edit. If you select a single file, you can edit it immediately, and if you select multiple files, you can concatenate the videos in the order of selection on the editing screen to create a single file.


The selected files will be combined into one file, so pay attention to the number specified when selecting items.

β‘€ Edit: A button that allows you to make the selected number of edits. You can edit up to 99.


You can proceed to edit the selected item in the list.

STEP 1. Select the contents you want to edit from the list.

STEP 2. On the Edit screen, select the desired function to edit the screen. See the detailed editing features below.

🎬Detailed Editing Features🎬

This is a detailed description of the features supported by the edit screen. You can try editing your video using various functions.

β‘  Video: You can add a video from your mobile album, or adjust the playback duration of the video.

β‘‘ Crop: This feature allows you to crop the screen to a set ratio or a custom ratio. You can also rotate the screen with the rotate function.

β‘’ Filter: Provides a variety of high-quality filters to match the mood of your screen. Select your favorite filter and apply it.

β‘£ Adjustments: Provides advanced screen adjustments such as brightness, contrast, saturation, clarity, shadows, highlights, exposure, and sharpness.

β‘€ Focus: You can apply a blur effect to blur the background.

β‘₯ Stickers: Provides a library of emoji shapes and stickers. You can freely set the position, duration, and opacity of the sticker.

⑦ Text: You can type your own text and add it to the screen. You can choose the color, background color, and alignment.

⑧ Text Design: You can express the entered text with various designs in the form of typography.

⑨ Overlay: You can easily add an image on top of your video to make it stand out. It provides overlay functions such as rain, mosaic, paper texture, etc.

β‘© Frame: This feature adds a frame to the border of the video.

β‘ͺ Brush: Supports a variety of strokes, thicknesses, and colors, and allows you to easily add drawing effects to the screen with a touch.

STEP 3. Click the Export button.

STEP 4.Appears in the list of recent source clips on the main screen.


Videos in the Recent Source Clips list are automatically titled based on the date and time the edit was completed.

After editing, you can display the video on your store through the Sauceclip admin.