Product Management

After registering products when creating livestream, you can also manage products in Liveconsole.

Featured Product Area

Featured Products List: Displays the number of products to be featured on livestream.

Product Image: Displays the representative image of the product registered on livestream. When clicked, the view image details layer is shown to allow you to view images other than the representative image.

Product Name: Displays the product name registered in Saucelive Admin. The product name is shown up to 100 characters.


Click the product name to view the details.

Selling Price: Displays the registered price among General, Text, and Not available.

Click Count: Displays the number of times viewers clicked the product while on air.

Highlight(Now): If you toggle the featured product ON in real-time, the "NOW" badge is displayed on the product within the player. This function is available only while on air.


You can toggle multiple products ON. In this case, products toggled ON are shown in the player product area.

Search Product: After entering the search keyword, press Enter or click the magnifier icon to show the list of products containing the keyword.

  • Delete keyword (a): Clicking it deletes the entered keyword.
  • Close search window (b): Clicking it closes the search window and returns to the product list.

Edit: You can edit the production information, change the product order, and add or delete the product in Liveconsole.


This function is available before or during the livestream.

  • +Add Product: Click if you want to add a product before or during the livestream. When you click Get all products, you can import the list of products registered in Saucelive Admin in the order of the registered date.
  • Edit: The details of the product are shown in the layer window, and you can edit the product information if needed.
  • Exclude: Click if you want to delete the product from the selling list. You can always add the excluded product back to the list.
  • Drag and drop the icon in front of the product image to change the product order.
  • After all changes are complete, click the Editing complete button.