Insert is an image or video displayed to viewers during livestream.

If you enter Insert information when registering livestream information, you can export this information while on air to show it to viewers. You can also add necessary Insert information in the Liveconsole while on air.

Using Insert Area

This area displays the Insert items registered in livestream information.

Insert: Displays the number of the registered Inserts.

+ (Add Insert): This is an icon for adding the Insert details while on air. Clicking it shows the Upload Insert window. You can add up to 15 images and upload up to 1 video as Inserts.

^ (Collapse/Expand): Clicking it allows you to collapse and expand the menu.

View Details: Clicking it shows the View Image Details window.

Image/Video show: Clicking the Display on the bottom of the image or video you want to display to the viewers shows the image or video on the viewers' player.

Stop showing: Stops displaying the current Insert.


If a new viewer enters the player while displaying the Insert video, the new viewer will watch the video from the beginning instead of the middle.

💬For example, if a new viewer enters the player at 1 minute and 30 seconds out of the total 3 minutes of the Insert video, the new viewer can watch the video from the beginning (0:00).


The Insert video is played on mute, and the message saying "Tap to turn on sound." is displayed. If you stop displaying the Insert video, it returns to the previous state.

For example, if the viewer was watching the livestream on mute, the viewer will return to the muted livestream after the Insert video is ends.