Product Registration

A page for registering and managing products to be sold on livestream.

You can edit the product information in Liveconsole during live or change the product status if the product is sold out.

There are two ways to register products: registering individual products and registering multiple products in bulk.

Individual Registration

A method of registering products individually. Click the Product > New Registration button.

Enter Details

Registered by*

You can view the person who registered the product.

Product Code

This item is not shown to the client. It can be used as a method for entering the product codes that you currently have.

Product Category*

Select the category to which the product belongs.

Brand Name*

Enter the brand name of the product you are selling.


You can select between Soho or Brand depending on the product


Set as General by default.

Product Name*

Enter the product name to be displayed on the player.

Registrered date

The date and time the product was registered.


Select In Stock or Sold Out according to the product availability.


If the product is sold out while on air, you can change the status in Saucelive Admin.

If you check the product in Product > List and click Sold Out, the product is displayed as sold out in the product list while on air and the Purchase button disappears.

Product Image*

Click the Add button to register the product.

You can register up to 15 images and you can set the representative image by selecting the checkbox at the top right.

If there are more than two images, the representative image is displayed the largest. You can view the expanded image when you click it, and the next image is shown when you swipe.


The recommended image capacity is 1 MB. The image size is 1000 px wide and 1000 px high, and JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats are supported.

Product Description

You can enter the product information. This information is not displayed on the player screen, so you can enter freely.

Price Information*

You can select among General, Text, and None from the dropdown box (⏷) to display the price information.

Decimal points in the discount rate (%) are rounded down.

Linked URL*

Enter the link to be redirected when you click the product. URL must include http://.

Save or Cancel

Click when you want to save or cancel the content.

Bulk Registration (Excel Upload)

Bulk Registration is a function for entering and uploading the information of multiple products in an Excel form to easily register products at once. You can register up to 500 products in bulk.

Click the Product> Bulk Registration button.

Enter details

STEP 1. Click Download the Form on the Excel Upload screen.

STEP 2. Enter the product information in the downloaded Excel file according to the format.

(The light green titles in the Excel file and items with * in the description below are required inputs.)


  • On the Mac environment, use the Google Spreadsheet. The file may not open properly if you use a different program.

  • Delete the sample data (rows 3-5) in the Excel template file before uploading.

  • Product Code: You can enter up to 20 characters including English alphabets, numbers, and special character "-".

  • Product Name*: Enter the product name. You can enter up to 100 characters including Korean alphabets, English alphabets, numbers, and special characters.

  • Product Category (Main)*: Selectable items are already filled in. Select the category of the product from the dropdown list of the cell.


Do not enter the Product Category randomly. It may cause an error when uploading the Excel file.

  • Product category (Sub) *: You can only select "Others" for the subcategory. Select Others from the dropdown list of the cell.
  • Brand name*: You can enter up to 50 characters for the brand name.
  • Price Information Classification*: Select from General, Text, or Not available. You can enter the price information for General. For other classifications, you do not enter the price information.
  • Currency Unit: The Korean currency is KRW. You can also select units for other various currencies. If the price information is general, this value is required.
  • Selling Price: Enter the selling price.
  • Discounted Selling Price: Enter the discounted selling price. The discount rate is automatically calculated when you enter the discounted selling price.
  • Discount Rate: Enter the discount rate in numbers only.
  • Price Information Text: Fill in this field if the price information is text. You can enter up to 15 characters including Korean alphabets, English alphabets, numbers, and special characters.
  • Redirect URL*: Enter the URL of the page to be redirected to when you click the product. URL must include http://.
  • Representative Product Image*: Enter the representative product image URL (recommended capacity 1 MB).


For images, the URL format that ends with .png, .gif, or .jpg must be used. For example, you can add an image only with the URL ending with png as below.


  • Product Images 2-14: Enter the product image URL. You can register up to 15 images per product.


Use a different product image URL for each product. Duplicate product image URLs may cause an error.

STEP 3. Click Excel Upload.

After uploading, the number of Succeeded and Failed items are shown.

If there are any items that failed to upload, you can check the cause of failure through Download Failure History.

STEP 4. You can see the successfully uploaded products are added in Product > Product List.

STEP 5. If you click the product when you schedule an actual livestream, you can add the uploaded product.

Change Product Status

Sold Out

Check the product to change its status to sold out in the Product List, and click the Sold Out button. You can mark multiple products as sold out at once.


Check the product to delete in the Product List, and click the Delete button. You can delete multiple products at once.