Clip Registration and View in Lists


  • The admin site where you register and manage your shortform content is called Sauceclip Studio. It will also be referred to as Sauceclip Studio throughout the guide.
  • Sauceclip Studio is a separate site from Saucelive Admin.
  • To use Sauceclip Studio, please contact your Mobidoo CSM team.

Clip Registration

On the main screen, click Register clip.

Or, in Clip Management > Clip List, click the + Register Clip at the top.

Detail Information


When a clip is first registered, its status defaults to Private.

After registration is complete, you must change the clip's status to Public via Edit Listing or Details to make the content visible to viewers.

Defaults to the information of the creator registering the clip, and if a channel has been created, you can also select the desired channel.

Clip Type*
Select the type of reward to set for the clip being registered.

  • General: Clips that are general content types and cannot be linked to rewards.
  • Reward: Clips that can be linked to rewards. Only in this case, after registering the clip, you can set up reward linking from the reward management menu.


However, once a clip is rewarded, all information except the clip's status (public or private) cannot be edited in the future.

Clip Status

Set the visibility of the clip in the customer's store. However, when a clip is first registered, it is fixed as private, and you can change it to public in the list or details screen after saving.

  • Private: Fixed to private when the clip is first created. The clip is not visible to viewers.
  • Public: When set to public, the clip is visible to viewers.


Even if the clip's status is Public, it may be public immediately, or it may be public on the set date, depending on the publication period.

Visibility duration

  • Always: The clip will be available to the public continuously without setting a duration.
  • Set duration: Set the start date and end date of the clip's visibility.


If the clip status is Public, the Public Duration setting value is applied.

Clip Video*
Select the video you want to upload as a clip.


  • The supported file format is .mp4.
  • File size is 100MB or less, and the recommended resolution is 720P.
  • Registration is only possible if the playback time is between 1 and 60 seconds.

Clip description
A description of the clip as it appears to viewers in the player.


Enter up to 40 characters, which can be letters, numbers, symbols, or emojis.

Clip Tags*
Not visible to viewers, but entered by admins to help with search, categorization, recommendations, related clips, and more.


You must enter at least one tag, and each tag can have a maximum of 20 characters, for a total of 20 tags.

Based on the information you entered, you can preview the contents of your clip before you register it.

Register the clip. You can view registered clips in Clip Management > Clip List.

Delete the entered information and cancel the clip registration.

Edit the clip list and clip information

Search Clips

In the clip search area at the top, you can search for previously registered clips by various criteria values.

  • Updated : Search based on the original clip date or modified date.


If you have a history of editing clip information, the update date changes to the date of modification, not the date of initial registration.

  • Clip type : Searchable by All, General, and Rewards.
  • Clip Status : You can search by All, Public, and Private.
  • Channel name : Search for clips registered with that channel name.
  • Keywords : Search by values in the clip's introduction or clip tags.

Edit clip information in the list

It's easy to change the clip type and clip status in the clip list.

In particular, when you first register a clip, the clip status defaults to Private. If you want it to be visible to viewers, you'll need to change the clip status to public.

STEP 1. Check the boxes of the clips you want to change (βœ”οΈ). You can select multiple clips if needed.

STEP 2. Select a clip type or clip status from the drop-down box.

  • Clip Type : Normal or Rewarded. Normal is a clip that cannot be linked to rewards, while Rewarded is a clip that can be linked to rewards. If you plan to set a reward, select Rewarded.
  • Clip Status : You can also select the Public or Private.

STEP 3. Click Apply, the update date will be changed to the modified date and the information will be saved.


Be careful when setting the clip type to Public.

If you change the clip type to Public, and the release period is constant in the clip details, the clip is immediately exposed to the viewer.