Sauce Studio - Mobile App

You can host a livestream conveniently on a mobile device through the Sauce Studio app provided by Mobidoo.

Check if the network environment is stable before starting.


Check the streaming network environment in advance and use the most stable network to host a livestream (e.g., Wired, Wi-Fi, etc.)


For stable streaming on mobile devices, use Galaxy S20, iPhone 12 or later models.

Checking Environment

Check Internet Speed

Step 1. Visit <> and check the Internet speed.

STEP 2. Click Show more info.

Step 3. Check the Loaded information under Latency to determine the Internet connection status as shown in the table.

SpeedInternet Connection Status
0-100msGreat streaming environment
100 to 200 msAcceptable streaming environment
200 to 300 msPossible intermittent disconnection with dropped frames
300ms+Unstable; connection not recommended

Check Mobile Device Environment

  • Check the mobile device network connection method. A wired connection is recommended.
  • For a wired connection, you need the following equipment. If you are using a wired connection, disconnect Wi-Fi and mobile data, and select the Ethernet connection in the mobile device's Settings menu.
  • If a wired connection is not available, select one among Wi-Fi or LTE/5G to connect. Check the upload speed on(< > and select the network connection method with the fastest speed.

  • If you are using Wi-Fi, disconnect mobile data (e.g., LTE, 5G, etc.), and if you are using mobile data, disconnect Wi-Fi connection.

    • ❗️

      However, do not use public Wi-Fi as the network speed may be slow. Wi-Fi that can be connected privately is recommended.

  • Since the battery affects heat generation and processing speed, you need to pay attention to it when hosting livestream on a mobile device. Check the details below.

  • Is the battery fully charged?
    When the battery is low, the mobile device may switch to low-power mode or be discharged, which may affect the quality of live streaming or cause interruption. Maintain a battery level of at least 50% while on air and ensure a sufficient battery level by using a charging cable or battery pack.

  • Is the phone case removed?
    Using a phone case generates heat, which slows the processing speed and increases battery usage. Therefore, using the mobile device without the case is recommended for livestream.

  • Does your device drain the battery slowly?
    It is recommended to check if you have the latest device or a device that drains the battery slowly for stable streaming. See the details below to optimize your smartphone settings for the livestream.

  • Use the Do Not Disturb mode or Airplane mode. If you get a phone call during the livestream, the livestream is interrupted and cannot be resumed. Make sure to turn on the Do Not Disturb mode or Airplane mode.
  • Block emergency alert texts. They may interrupt the livestream.
  • Turn on the Silent mode. Mute all notifications of various applications such as Message and KakaoTalk. Every sound is transmitted through the livestream and also recorded in VOD.
  • Disable the Low Power mode. The battery level must be at least 90% before streaming live.
  • Disable Bluetooth.If you are not using a Bluetooth microphone, turn Bluetooth off.
  • Close all running applications other than the streaming app.Close all applications except for apps related to the livestream, so there are no apps running in the background.
  • Do not use the mirroring function.Using mirroring during streaming may generate heat. Check if the function is disabled.

Streaming with Sauce Studio

You can host and stream livestreams through the Sauce Studio app developed by Mobidoo.

Download Sauce Studio App

For iOS, search Sauce Studio (v. 1.4.3) in the App Store and download it.

For Android (AOS), search Sauce Studio (v.1.4.3) in the Google Play Store and download it.


The recommended version for iOS OS is OS 12 or higher.

The recommended version for Android (AOS) OS is OS 21 or higher.

Check Created Livestream List

STEP 1. Create a livestream through Create a Livestream

STEP 2. Log in to the Sauce Studio app. Use the same account information as Saucelive Admin.

STEP 3. Log in to the Sauce Studio app to view the livestream list. The approved livestreams are shown, and once the RTMP key for the livestream is created, you can find it in the list.

Status Values

  • Warning: Displayed when the livestream is not streamed to users due to the app closing or an abnormal issue. Click again to resume the livestream.
  • LIVE: The livestream is in progress.
  • Awaiting Livestream: The system is being prepared for live streaming. The livestream will be available shortly.
  • Ended Livestream: The livestream has ended.
  • Converting: The ended livestream is being converted to VOD.
  • Catch-Up VOD: The ended livestream has been automatically converted to VOD.
  • Canceled Livestream: If streaming does not start within 30 minutes after the scheduled live time, the system determines it as canceled and you can no longer host the livestream with that information.
  • Error: An error has occurred. Create a livestream again and proceed with streaming.

(ID) Registered by


Livestream Type and Countdown to Start

Hosting Livestream

STEP 1. Select the livestream to host and click the Confirm button.

STEP 2. Select the streaming resolution and click the Start Livestream button.

  • Based on the upload speed on the following site, select the streaming resolution.


Streaming with high definition may drain the battery quickly and generate heat. Make sure to be prepared for this before starting the high definition livestream.

  • The livestream information is entered and registered in Saucelive Admin. Edit the information in the Saucelive Admin if needed.

STEP 3. Click the Start Livestream button to start streaming the livestream to viewers. The screen display includes the following functions.

① Displays the live duration. When clicked once, the remaining time for livestream is shown.

② Displays viewer and like count.

③ Mute ON/OFF function

④ Grid View ON/OFF Function

⑤ Chat display ON/OFF function: The Disable chat function that prohibits the chat and the Enable chat function that allows the chat can be controlled on the Sauce Studio screen of the administrator.

⑥ Flash ON/OFF function

⑦ Camera front/back function

⑧ Camera zoom function

⑨ When clicked, the livestream ends and redirects to the livestream list screen.

⑩ Displays the network connections status.


  • You can host livestream for up to 24 hours. A notification is displayed when 23 hours and 59 minutes have passed.
  • If the livestream exceeds the maximum duration, it forcibly ends and redirects to the livestream list screen.
  • The 16:9 landscape mode screen offers the same functions.

There is a few seconds delay from the actual streaming screen. Click the End button about 10 seconds after the closing comment.

Tip for When You Need to Switch Networks during On Air

There are times when you need to switch a network connection method due to a network issue occurring while on air. In this case, follow the instructions below to change the settings to prevent the streaming from stopping.

  • If you need to switch the network while the livestream is on air, switch after forcibly closing the Sauce Studio app or sending the app to the background without ending the livestream.
  • Rerun the Sauce Studio app to continue with the livestream. The fastest recovery method is to close the app, switch the network, and rerun the app for streaming as the steps above.
  • Select only one network among Wi-Fi, wired, LTE, and 5G. For example, if the Sauce Studio app is connected through Wi-Fi and 5G, check the network speed and choose the fastest one to stream with.
  • If you are using a wired adapter for network connection, turn off Wi-Fi, 5G, and LTE to make sure they are not connected.


Do not do the following. It may cause streaming errors.

❌ Do not connect two or more networks to stream through the Sauce Studio app. The network may be switched while streaming, which may interrupt the livestream.

❌ If the livestream is interrupted due to switching networks while streaming as described above, it is impossible to recover. This applies to both switching from wireless to wired and wired to wireless.

Checklist when Streaming Issues Occur

If a streaming issue occurs while the livestream is on air, provide the information below to the manager to find the cause.

  • Battery status (displayed in %)
  • Device (mobile phone) model information
  • Device (mobile phone) OS information
  • Network type (e.g., Wi-Fi, cellular data, Ethernet, etc.)
  • FPS value
  • CPU usage status (displayed in %)
  • bps unit
  • mbps
  • Application version information
  • Message sending time information
  • Livestream type- main or test
  • Chat ON/OFF information