Integrating Online Strore

Once you get the account issued, you can integrate the your own store site and Saucelive to use them effectively for livestream.

Issue Login Integrated PEM Key

  • To integrate chat within the login session section of the site, creating a chat session through JWT and integrating for participation is needed.
  • For this, the Mobidoo manager issues and delivers a PEM key for the product and stage environment.
Saucelive Admin data environment for the integration with the client operation system
Saucelive Stage data environment for the integration with the client development environment test


What is PEM and JWT?

  • PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) is a file used for sending contents in private, serving as a certificate or a private key.
  • JWT (JSON Web Token) is one of the token-based authentication methods used to authenticate and identify users.

Customized Development for Online Store Integration

After integrating with the client's own store site, the client can customize some items in the player or Collection Page to use the client's unique player.

Contact the Mobidoo manager via [email protected] , Channel Talk, or KakaoTalk for customizable items that the client can change.