Sauceclip Player

You've create and add your clip via Saucestudio, viewers can view your content on mobile or PC through the players below.

Mute: The sound is turned off by default. Viewers can turn the sound on by clicking the button.

Close: By default, the close button is exposed. You can also change the default to not showing the button through Player Customization Settings.

Reward UI: If you have connected a reward, the reward image will be displayed. You can change the reward image to an image of your choice through Player customization settings.

Reward Timer: A countdown timer is displayed for the amount of time set as the reward condition. Whether or not to display the reward time can be set through Player customization settings.

Reward message: A message will be displayed to viewers based on the achievement time and payment unit entered when setting up the reward.

Like: Provides a like UI by default. When the viewer clicks, the like animation pop-up is displayed, and you can disable it through Player customization settings.

Channel image / channel name : You can choose whether to display or not through Player customization settings.

Clip introduction: Entered when registering a clip, up to 40 characters and 2 lines are displayed.

Share : This feature allows you to copy and share the URL.

Product information type (panel) : Product image, product name, discount rate, and purchase price are displayed. Up to 5 products can be registered and displayed. If there are more than 2 products, the Show more button indicates that there are more products.

⑪ Progress bar : Shows the duration of play time and segments of the content.