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This chapter includes frequently asked questions.

Creating and Managing Livestreams


How many products can I register at most?

There are two methods for registering products: individual registration and mass registration. You can register up to 500 products through the Bulk Registration function. πŸ‘‰Go to Product Registration


Can I stream on multiple channels simultaneously?

Facebook and YouTube have the environment for simultaneous streaming. For Instagram and Naver, you need to discuss with each channel to receive a streaming URL. πŸ‘‰Go to Multicast Livestream


Can I stream and host the livestream where viewers are watching in landscape mode on a mobile device?

Livestream in the landscape mode is available if you set the aspect ratio to 16:9 when creating a livestream. πŸ‘‰Go to Landscape Mode


Is it possible to set a highlight section to play only a part of VOD?

You can set the highlight section through Content > VOD > Edit or Create VOD. The set highlight section is automatically played in the Collection Page. Even if you set the highlight section, viewers can choose to watch the full video if they want. πŸ‘‰Go to Set Highlight


Is there a live notification function?

You can set live notifications when creating livestream. However, it is available only to partners that have integrated membership. Once integrated, the partner must set the method to send the notification to the customers. πŸ‘‰Go to Set Live Notification


Can I edit after the livestream has already been converted to VOD?

You can make changes with the edit function in the VOD Settings menu πŸ‘‰Go to Edit vod information


Can I add or delete a blocked word only for this livestream?

You can add a blocked word for a specific livestream. However, the blocked word is not applied on other livestreams. πŸ‘‰Go to Manage Blocked Words


I get an error when I register products in bulk (Excel upload).

You can see the details of the error with the error code by searching the failure history.

ex) Duplicate external product code (externalProductId): You cannot register products that use the duplicate product code in Excel upload. Delete or change the product code.


I created the livestream, but it is not approved.

The client's parent account can approve the livestream. Request the approval of the livestream to the manager of the parent account.


How does the banner look when it is registered?

You can register a banner in image type, text type, or image and text type. Each type appears as below.

How to Respond to Livestream Errors


I could not host the livestream due to the streaming error. Can I schedule a new livestream easily and quickly?

You can create the same livestream easily and quickly by using the Copy Stream Table function. You just need to enter the required information such as livestream type, time, etc. However, you must obtain approval of the higher-level administrator or the person with the permission. πŸ‘‰Go to Copy Stream Table


I created a new livestream, but I was in the middle of the marketing. Can my customers use the existing URL to access new livestream?

Viewers can access and watch new livestreams through the initial livestream URL even when live is streamed according to the new stream table due to the streaming error while on air. In other words, you can host and allow viewers to watch the livestream with the URL of the livestream where the marketing was previous going on. πŸ‘‰Go to [Change Livestream URL]

Live Statistics


What can I check with the statistical data?

  1. The statistical data provides the unique viewers, view counts, accumulated view counts, number of clicks on product, daily inbound based on new viewers, and viewing performance.
  2. You can check the monthly active users (MAU), weekly active users (WAU), and daily active users (DAU) by period.
  3. You can check the total number of visitors and total view counts. You can also classify and check members and non-members.
  4. You can check population statistics, age group statistics, gender statistics, and member/non-member and OS statistics.
  5. You can check the decrease and increase in the number of clicks by category during live on the set date. You can also check the overall ranking of livestreams based on the total clicks.
  6. You can check the ranking of products with the highest clicks among the products for sale.


Can I check the statistical data when I am using the third-party streaming app?

You can check the statistical data even if you use the third-party streaming programs or apps as we provide the data received through the player.


Can I download the chat data?

Click the title in Analysis > Livestream or Analysis > VOD to view the details.

  1. You can check the data by clicking Download Data within the Chat Count tab in the Category item.
  2. You can select members/non-members, and the file is downloaded in an Excel format.
  3. You can check the partner ID, registered time, nickname, message, and user ID.

Development Integration and Other Items


What functions can I use after the development integration using API?

There are functions such as membership integration, live notification function, purchase event, coupon integration, and product integration.

πŸ‘‰Go toAPI guide


Can I apply PIP?

A floating custom view within the iOS app's WebView Player is implemented, which operates based on a floating view customized similarly to the PIP function. On AOS 8.0, the activity can run in PIP mode.



Can I change the curation order?

If you log in with the Service Administrator account, the Collection tab is shown. You can change the curation order in this tab. πŸ‘‰Go to Change curation order

Click the Collection > Curation > Select "Public" Status > Change Order tab on the top right to change the order.