Using Prompter

The prompter is a function and screen for smooth communication between the host and producer while on air. You can expand the chat content in a separate window and write a memo to deliver the content to the host.

Prompter Configuration

Getting Started with Prompter

There are various ways to run the prompter.

  • Click the Prompter of the desired livestream in Saucelive Admin > Content > Livestream > List.
  • Click the Prompter of the desired livestream in Analysis > Livestream > List.
  • If the livestream is on air, click Liveconsole > Side Bar >Prompter.

Prompter Layout

Status Information Area: The area for displaying basic information, such as date, livestream status, and livestream type.

Chat Area: The area for viewing the real-time chat window and chat archive.

Memo Area: The area for entering memos to be delivered to the livestream host.

Prompter Layout Settings

  • You can set the layout using the Settings icon in the Status Information Area.
  • The default setting is 2-Column Default view.
  • Click Change after setting the layout to save the setting. This setting is maintained even after the livestream ends.
  • The layout settings can be saved for each partner ID.

Chat and Memo Area

Chat Archive Area

  • Contains the chat content archived in Liveconsole.
  • The most recently archived chat content comes on the top.
  • Click the Set Font Size icon (①) in the chat archive to zoom in from 110% to 500%.
  • You can close the archive area with the Collapse button (②).

Chat Area

  • You can view the chat content of viewers while on air.
  • When the chat is moving too quickly in the chat window, use the Stop Scrolling button (①) to pause the chat. The chat is continuously updated for viewers, but the chat screen is paused for the administrator to view the content.
  • Click the Set Font Size icon (②) in the chat archive to zoom in from 110% to 500%.
  • To search the chat content, click the Search icon (③). Enter the search keyword to display the list of chats that contain the word.
  • Memo Area

  • The memo area can be used as a tool for communication between the livestream host and producer.
  • Write the message to be delivered in text.
  • You can emphasize the message using the font size, font type, and font color.