Linking Cafe24 and Saucelive

If you are a Cafe24 member, install the Saucelive app and start going live.

  • You can easily link products and members registered in Cafe24 by installing and running the Saucelive app.
  • You can immediately go live with the product linked through the above process, and existing members can also participate in chat.


In order to successfully link,

β‘  Saucelive partner contract must be completed first.

β‘‘ The product linkage application process must be completed through the responsible AM ​​(Account Manager).

By following the process below, you can link Cafe24 and Saucelive's products and members, and even conduct a live event.


If you are curious about what Saucelive looks like click. Sample page


Link products

STEP 1. Log in to Cafe24 as an administrator.

STEP 2. Search and install β€˜**[Saucelive] Product and Member Link Service**’ in the Cafe24 Store. πŸ‘‰Go to the cafe24

STEP 3.Product linkage is completed through the above installation process and moves to Saucelive Admin.

STEP 4.You can log in to the Saucelive admin site with the information below. The initial password is set according to the rules below.

  • ID: Same as Cafe24 store ID.
  • Password: Your AM (Account Manager) will deliver an initial temporary password.
  • πŸ“˜

    • You can check linked products in Saucelive Admin > Product.
    • After the initial one-time product linking, if you want to add a product, please register the product using Saucelive Admin > Product > New Registration or Excel Upload.
    • After linking is complete, you can change the initial temporary password by logging into the Saucelive Admin site (Saucelive Admin) and going to Settings > Contact Information . For security reasons, please change your password after initial login.

Link membership

In the case of member linking, a separate HTML script provided through the AM (Account Manager) in charge is created as a page in the shopping mall member subdirectory.

STEP 1. On the Cafe24 site, select Design (PC/Mobile) > Design Dashboard > Edit Design menu.


You can also select the design you want to apply Saucelive to from Design > Design Library.

STEP 2. \ </> Edit HTML > Go to the smart design editing screen.

STEP 3. Select \ +Add Screen > Create a file in the member path and enter saucelive.html in the file name. Please set the screen classification area to Not selected (automatically assigned).

STEP 4. Enter the script received from the AM in charge in the html window and save it.

STEP 5. If you want to apply it to mobile design, set it the same way as above.


If you have successfully linked a member with a product, please refer to, Livestream Prepare and Livestream create