Curation Settings - Collection Page


This function is valid when the client is using the Collection Page option. You may skip this process if the Collection option is not used.

This is a process for setting the curation information shown on the Collection screen.

This is not a required setting, but you can effectively exhibit and manage livestreams and VODs through the Collection with curation set.


What is collection Page?

It is a service for viewing scheduled livestreams, ongoing livestreams, and VOD-converted livestreams in one place and configuring livestreams by curation.

See the separate guide for Collection Page.πŸ‘‰ Go to the collection page guide

Register Curation

Click Collection > Curation > Add to enter and register the curation information.

β‘  Curation name*
Enter the curation name to be displayed on the Collection screen.

β‘‘ Curation Image (Curated Image)*

Register the image to be displayed on the Collection screen. The recommended image size is 400 px wide and 400 px high.

The JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats can be registered (recommended capacity 1 MB).

β‘’ Curation Introduction

You can add the introduction phrase for the curation.

  • Without content (No content): You may not enter the content.
  • With content (Contains Content): The curation introduction is shown on the Collection Curation Details screen.

β‘£ Delete
You can select and delete the livestream that you don't want to show in the curation.

β‘€ Stream Add (Add Livestream)

Add the livestream to be shown in the curation. When you click this, the livestreams that can be added are displayed.

Click the dropdown box to view the classified list of Live (Livestream), Catch-up VOD (Replay VOD), and VOD (Uploaded VOD), or the full list. You can also register the same livestream to multiple curations through Add Livestream.

Check the livestream you want and click Register to add it to the curation.


  • The Stream Add (Add Livestream) list is shown only when it is approved.
  • You can add a livestream to the curation when you schedule the livestream. At this time, you can set one livestream in multiple curation areas.

β‘₯ Save

Save and display all information entered on the screen.

⑦ Cancel

Reset and cancel all information entered on the screen.

Change Curation Order

Set Collection > Curation > Curation Status to Public and click Change Order. Drag the display order and click Edited (Complete Editing) to change the order.

Curation Information


Manage Curation is displayed only in the Service Administrator account.

You can set this in Saucelive Admin.

Select Collection > Curation to view the curation list.

β‘  Curation Status
Displays registered curations.

  • All: Display all curations.
  • Public: Display public curations.
  • Private: Display private curations.

β‘‘ Number
If you set the curation to public, the numbers are displayed in the order the curation was set as public. The numbers represent the order of curation to be displayed on the Collection screen.

β‘’ Curation Name

Displays the registered curation name. When you click on the title, you will be taken to a screen where you can check the details of the curation and the live performances included in the curation.

β‘£ Delete

You can delete the curations.

β‘€ Curation Add (Add curation)

You can add curations.